MyPostOpCare will handle the Onboarding process by collecting all procedural information and converting it into digital form. 


It's Simple

MyPostOpCare has been shown to save, on average, $17 per procedure - just in paper packet assembly and distribution. For 500 procedures per year, that results in over $8,000! Eliminate the paper printing, the excess toner cartridges, the time spent towards creating the packets themselves, and more. In addition, empowering your patients with a robust set of educational materials can reduce the chance of readmission - which will also impact your bottom line. 


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Our Customer Success Team was designed to eliminate the burden of digitizing your Physician's pre-and post-operative surgery instructions. Unlike other providers, MyPostOpCare takes care of this for you, and can have your practice up and running in just a few weeks. In addition, we'll work with you throughout the implementation to ensure your information is accurate, the content is customized to your liking, and your staff learns how to make MyPostOpCare work for them. It's simple, and your office will recognize an immediate reduction in call volume associated with patient questions. We look forward to working with you!

 - Colette McGill, Director, Customer Success, MyPostOpCare