MyPostOpCare Onboarding

Ready to streamline your practice using MyPostOpCare? Congrats! You're well on your way to saving money, time, and empowering your Patients to improve and understand their overall healthcare recovery plan. In addition, you'll help to reduce readmissions and eliminate paper packets that are associated with pre-and post-operative surgery instructions! 


onboarding Your practice is simple

One of the key differentiators of partnering with MyPostOpCare is that you have a dedicated Customer Success Team that will digitize your surgery instructions for you - you provide the packets, and we'll take care of the rest. You can provide them in physical or digital form

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customize your patient communications

Once each Physician and their respective procedures are built into your MPOC dashboard, your team will review for accuracy and have the ability to customize the content with educational videos, supporting photos, staff information and more - all at no additional cost

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gain valuable insight from a single glance

The entire onboarding process will take just a few weeks; you'll have your Patients up and running in no time. The MPOC Administrator Dashboard streamlines your clinical workflow and includes important information, like determining at-risk patients. 


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